A Shirt Designed to Motivate Autistic Children to Socialize


Autism is a serious concern for parents that is continuing to draw attention.  Parents of autistic children know how difficult it is at times to get through to the child, to communicate, to play, and to get them to manage everything successfully.  You love your child and hope for the best, and try your hardest, but autism is not so easy to handle.  Some children have a hard time opening up or doing anything that they need to do to improve their quality of life.  You know it is important, but they have so many things working against them.  Finding a way to get them to verbalize, play, socialize, and become more active requires a product that is effective and simple.  That is the entire idea behind this the Swanky Turtle Car Map play shirt.  It helps children with an autism disorder to socialize, form bonds, and play with another person without making it forced on them.  You are turning yourself into their play mat, allowing them to enjoy themselves and have fun with you just as they do with a normal mat.  They are using a simple, desirable toy, too, a car.  Learning social skills becomes a lot less of a struggle when using this shirt and some cars.

Socialization is one of the most difficult aspects of managing autism.  A child with an autism disorder will have trouble speaking and verbalizing their emotions, needs, desires, and thoughts.  They try, yes, but it is a lot harder on them than it is for the average child.  They generally become anxious or confused, they start to struggle, and they may engage in stimming behavior.  There are things that help them to calm down and enjoy themselves, of course, but these activities often have them playing alone.  Playing with toy cars, as an example, can help some children to experience less anxiety and help them to have fun, but it is oftentimes a solo play experience.  Bringing your involvement into play time can make socializing easier without forcing the child into an uncomfortable situation.

The biggest benefit of this car map shirt is that it gives the child the chance to play while being in direct contact with another person. For autistic children whose biggest struggle is having regular contact with people due to stresses from socialization, this can help.  The child is playing with toy cars using your back as the mat.  Rather than having them play alone and attempting to push your way in, to which some children may respond negatively, the child is playing with you in a way that is more comfortable.  They can enjoy their cars on their own while having you communicate with them, play with them.

Becoming part of the child’s play with this shirt lowers the risk of the child to begin stemming.  When they go into this behavior, it is sometimes difficult to get them out, and nearly impossible to socialize at all with some children.  Socialization has this effect on many kids with an autism disorder and it is not something that they can control.  Any form of nonfunctional play is not going to help them to develop skills.  It may assist in keeping them calm, but they remain hidden in their sort of mental bubble, where they refuse to involve themselves with anyone else.

Since there is a reduced risk of stemming and since playing becomes simpler for them, they can start learning social skills with you.  You can communicate, interact, and play in a way that does not feel overwhelming or invasive for the child.  Learning social skills in this manner makes it far more possible for the child to manage autism later in life, at least in some cases.  Their abilities begin to evolve, they communicate more smoothly, they develop bonds with people, and they have fun.

Learning while playing with toy cars is also entertaining.  Like any other child, a child with autism is going to learn more efficiently and effectively when they are enjoying the time spent.  They are more involved in the experience, more willing to open up and continue.  Playing and learning go together perfectly for children and make it easier to develop skills and stay on track.  It is less likely that the child will want to run away or stop due to pressure.

All of this is in a simple, high quality package.  These shirts offer the benefits of play and socialization without overcomplicating anything.  The shirt stays in great condition, is easy to see and play on, and does not make this experience difficult in any way.  A child that plays with a parent, guardian, or other adult on a regular basis using this shirt can start to form a bond, have fun, socialize, and improve simply by moving the mat from the floor to a person’s body.  There is not a lot to it, but there is a lot to gain.


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